Secure - Hassle-free - Reliable - Affordable 

MKB Cyber ​​was founded with the aim to unburden SMEs in the field of cyber security, with high-quality cyber security solutions that are reliable and affordable.   

SMEs account for more than 60% of the Dutch economy. But while statistics show that one in two companies becomes a victim of cyber-attacks, SMEs tend to be less protected than their Enterprise counterparts.   

Companies in the SME segment therefore often need better cyber security that suits their specific needs and is affordable, but without requiring in-house expertise. 

MKB Cyber ​​has created a service platform that offers specific SME cyber security packages:


  • Based on cutting-edge solutions 

  • Which are easy to understand, implement and use 

  • The management of which can be in-house or fully outsourced 

  • At a great price  

Secure - Hassle-free - Reliable - Affordable 

Cyber ​​security is a continuous race between hackers on the one hand and security software builders on the other, in which both are becoming increasingly sophisticated. We strive to select technologies that are ahead of this learning curve, so that the effectiveness of your security is optimal.  


Based on this, we create service packages that make it possible to make this advanced software - usually only accessible to enterprise customers - affordable for SMEs.  


MKB Cyber ​​provides solutions for the complex cyber threats of today and tomorrow.   


Biggest Threats to SMBs


The biggest threats and risks we see for SMEs are:    

  1. Phishing emails

  2. Downloads of infected files from the Internet 

  3. Data loss

  4. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)


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Cyber Security domains


Cyber ​​security has roughly 5 domains. Strategies and software solutions are available for each of these domains:   

  • Identification of business sensitive data and applications and related risks 

  • Protection through backup facilities and cyber security means 

  • Detection of threats and cyber attacks 

  • Response to threats and attacks to prevent and mitigate damage 

  • Repair to undo damage or to ensure business continuity 


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