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Managed Data Protection

Business Data Protection Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Real-Time Ransomware Alert
Know Exactly Which 
Data Was Taken
Revoke Access To Important Data Beyond Your Network Boundaries


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Beyond Boundaries

Track and protect your data anywhere with ITsMine's unique technology

Understand ITsMine in two minutes

What is Managed Data Protection?

Managed Data Protection (MDP) is a cybersecurity service that leverages cutting-edge technology to perform tracking, monitoring, response, and training in order to protect data – anywhere.

A key benefit of MDP is its ability to track & protect files at rest, in motion, and in use – all at once, regardless of their location. It works by using automatic reactions to different vectors of attack, both internal and external, while proactively educating users on data protection best practices, thus keeping data safe and secure, anywhere.

Why Managed Data Protection?

In the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape there are numerous challenges that are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. This includes data scattered in multi-cloud environments, with supply chain vulnerabilities, rapidly growing remote workforce, security talent shortages and new regulatory requirements.

Would You Like to Know Yesterday?

If the answer to that question is yes, please ask us! We will show you how you can save precious downtime, how you know exactly what data was taken and how you can "kill" that data, does not matter where it is; Moreover, let us show you how you can share data, work together with external elements, without giving ownership.

Yesterday is not an option, today is! 

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