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Backup & Restore  Disaster Recovery

Don't Worry About Backups. Ever.

Data is a Business Asset, not an IT Headache or Ransomware Liability.

The Druva difference

With Druva, you don’t have to worry about hardware or software dependencies to scale cost effectively. You can simplify and centralize management of enterprise data across data center, cloud, SasS applications and end users

Ransomware Free Backup

Zero Infrastructure Zero Headaches

Eliminate hardware, software, and maintenance. Forget patches or upgrades, the platform is always updated without downtime.

Unified Interface




Get an at-a-glance view of all your protected workloads. Use only the web interface to protect and manage all workloads via policies.

Simplified Cost Management and Control

See historical usage to forecast future resource requirements. Auto-scale up or down based on the data needs of your business.

Secure, Reliable & Easy-To-Use Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

Protecting business-critical SaaS data doesn’t need to be challenging. Druva delivers unified backup across SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange Online, and Teams.

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