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AI Email Security Platform

We Catch Those Phishing Emails Your Current Security Might Miss

91% of Cyber Attacks Begin with an Email
Account Takeover (ATO) Protection
Built-in Awareness inside Your Mailbox
Save Time
for Your Security Personnel 

Powerful Email Security That Unites AI & Human Insights


Protect your employee's inboxes from advanced phishing attacks that others miss, with the only technology that combines AI and human insights. Our platform is quick to deploy and simple to manage (so you get instant protection).

Protect Better

Block advanced phishing and BEC attacks (and never seen before threats) with our Adaptive AI—dynamically sharpened by real-world user insights and a community of over 20,000 IRONSCALES threat hunters.

Simplify Operations

Slash the time your team spends remediating email incidents from 30 minutes per incident to 30 seconds. Our Adaptive AI scans every email for malicious indicators. When it finds a threat, it doesn’t just block it, it automatically finds and remediates all others like it in your environment.


Triple the email security awareness of your workforce and transform your employees into a crucial line of phishing defense. Real-world threats with:

  • Phishing simulation testing

  • Security awareness training (SAT)

  • Dynamic email banners

  • ...and a GPT-powered chat assistant

Test and Discover Security Gaps

90 Days Scan Back Feature

Do you want to see whether you current Email Security has gaps? Our 90 day scan back feature does exactly that!

Discover how our self-learning email security platform can automatically identify and remove advanced email threats currently lurking in your inboxes

If Email is the Number 1 Vulnerability

Don't you think it is time for IRONSCALES?

Any cyber security officer will tell you that Emails are the biggest vulnerability. Cyber crime technology is changing rapidly, meaning we need to keep up with technology. IRONSCALES is ready for tomorrow challenges!!!

Having Awareness training is important, IRONSCALES to it a step further and raises employees Awareness within their email box.

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