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  Cyber Bundles for SMBs

Protect your Data

Ransomware Protection

Would you like to know Yesterday?

Real-Time Ransomware Alert

Know exactly what data was compromised 

Kill compromised data

Minimize company's downtime!


Advanced AI
Email Security Platform

Continuously detects and remediates advanced threats

Located in your Inbox

Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud Prevention

Teams Protection

Business Email Compromise


Save Time


Backup & Restore  Disaster Recovery

Ransomware prevention

Cloud backup and unified management of physical, virtual and cloud environments. Global protection with minimal start-up

Scalability and elasticity

Data is your business’s most valuable asset and it deserves the best protection


Active Endpoint Defense 

The revolutionary Active Deception platform

Over 99.9% prevention rate against ransomware & malware

Reduces operational burden & costs

Minimal False-positive alerts 

Easy to operate solution

Real time detection & response

Low resource usage (CPU, memory & disk)

Prevents unknown and sophisticated threats


Proper Cyber Security 


Cyber community studies show that 70% of the SMBs experience cyber-attacks and that the risk of going out of business mounts to 60% of closing within 6 months after a data breach or a cyber attack!


We are here to make sure those virtual doors and windows are protected!


MKB cyber security developed combined offerings to the SMBs, We reduce cyber risk while keeping a balanced budget

MKB Cyber has a proven track record in helping SMBs based on three pillars

  • Advanced - quick setup 

  • Understandable - easy to use

  • Effective and affordable

Did you know

SMBs are the backbone of Europe's economy. 25 million of SMEs are active today in the European Union and employ more than 100 million workers

MKB Cyber – Advanced, Understandable, Effective & Affordable

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