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Enterprise-grade Cyber Security

 for any size company!


 Advanced. Bullet Proof. Affordable.


94% of cyber attacks begin with an Email

Would you like to have the best defense available?


We are your Email Security Experts


Your business is safer with MKB Cyber!


We are in a new world of AI where millions of phishing attacks are sent every day. A single platform that protects your company from know and unknow attack vectors, account take over, Microsoft teams and also trains your colleagues

Emails with dangerous attachments or links to malicious websites are the most common sources of Ransomware


We Eliminate Ransomware Threats 


75 percent of Benelux companies faced ransomware attack.

Data is scattered across the organization

The solution is MDP - Managed Data Protection

for internal and external threats



Proven Results

MKB cyber is powerhouse to advanced, next-gen Israeli technologies, and advanced best-of-breed technologies from around the world. MKB cyber is a part of Magic Stone cyber security and offers scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. 

We built our solutions by closely listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations with our technologies and services. We know how to analyze this information and customize our offering to changing market needs. Why not join our fast growing customer base? Get in touch today to learn more about the Magic Stone Cyber Security story.


Helping Smaller Businesses Stay Cyber Safe

We took the best-of-breed cyber security and made it accessible to smaller businesses! we know that technologies & services are evolving rapidly, we continuously scan the cyber eco-system for new technologies staying ahead, making sure our clients have the best cyber security prepared for the latest threats.


We’ve only just started, we already see the impact of every technology and the services we render.

Cyber Security for  Small-Medium Business

Israeli Cyber

The Israeli Cyber-Security


Israel is one of the few countries that face hundreds and thousands of cyber-attacks every month on its government websites and data systems

Leveraging Israeli Military as the startup incubator - Since the nation was formed in the year 1948, Israel’s primary focus was to develop advanced military capabilities. The country has invested a lot of its resources into developing a powerful military and defense organization

With the advent of technology in cyber defense, the nation’s military, as well as cyber security defense, has grown significantly

Did you know that Israel lies at the center of an $82 billion cyber security industry?  In Israel, local start-ups raised $25.6b during 2021 - a leap of almost 150% from 2020

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