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We use cutting-edge cyber technologies that are affordable and relieve businesses from cyber threats. MKB cyber implements the best global technologies. Our solutions are affordable, easy to understand, easy to implement and do not change the business work flow.


We provide solutions for the complex cyber threats of today and tomorrow


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Emails are the most common way for us to communicate internally and externally. Cyber criminals are looking to exploit and penetrate your organization in an easy and effective way. Emails are an easy way to obtain valuable data. MKB Cyber minimizes the risk of falling victim to phishing, ransomware, malware and spam via email.

Data Protection

Every organization has valuable and often sensitive information that must be protected, whilst complying with various regulations regarding the handling of privacy-sensitive information. Businesses need to be able to control their data. They need insight into who is seeing what, within their organization and as it leaves their network.


Every day, organizations and businesses of all sizes are under attack - affecting daily activities and causing disruptions to the workflow. Therefore, in today's everchanging business landscape, endpoint security or endpoint protection is one of the most important aspects of any organization's cyber security.

Cyber-threats can emerge anywhere on your network, whilst the landscape of cyber threats is ever-growing. Network security is the backbone of your business. In order to protect your company's core network, work station, and supply chain, there are several technologies to help reduce the risk of data theft and sabotage.



Managed Services Provider

Because cyber threats can lead to damage at lightning speed, cyber security solutions require active, often intensive attention to prevent or limit potential damage in real time. For companies that choose not to organize these services (entirely) in-house, we offer a complete monitoring and response service. Learn more

Website Security

Your website is an important component of your business and it is pivotal that it remains open for business. Optimizing your web performance & experience is key to driving engagement with your audience, visitors are reluctant to use websites that are slow and unstable; moreover, visitors leave important private information (Name, address, credit cards and other credentials); As a business owner you are obligated to keep clients data in harms way. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks date back to the dawn of the public internet, cyber criminals create botnets that overflow your servers and bring them down. Learn more

Backup & Recovery

A Backup & Recovery strategy in itself is not part of cyber security. However, it is essential in the context of business continuity after certain types of cyber-attacks, such as ransomware. Being able to quickly restore your IT environment after a cyber-attack often avoids serious consequences. We help you determine whether the current Backup & Recovery strategy is adequate in the context of your cyber security and can advise on this if required. Learn more

Digital Footprint

Your organization's surface is growing constantly - companies nowadays work together with partners, customers and other third-party suppliers. Collaborating with these companies, however, poses a severe cyber risk to your business.; you don't always have full visibility. By checking your digital footprint you get a better understanding of the potential breaches - like regulatory, data or remote working - that your suppliers might expose your business to. Learn more

Why Us

MKB Cyber ​​delivers high-quality cyber security solutions, embedded in a complete service package. Our aim is to provide you with end-to-end answers to all your cyber security related questions. We like to be a reliable partner for our customers. We continuously think along with our customers, relieving them from as much daily cyber security management as possible. 

Cyber ​​security solutions evolve rapidly. We strive to select technologies that are ahead of the learning curve, to deliver the most effective security. When creating our product portfolio, we also explicitly looked at scalability: we want to work with suppliers who can make license volumes and pricing workable and attractive for SMEs.

We have created a service platform that answer the needs of the Small & Medium-sized Businesses. Our platform is scalable and allows business growth while having top-notch security.


Our Mission

MKB Cyber provides professional cyber-security solutions that enable practical and active defense, allowing businesses to grow while keeping a secure working environment. Our experts select and assess cutting edge technologies and implement them for our clients. Our experts identify the cyber security gaps and advise on appropriate solutions. We rigorously select, consult on, implement & support the best available cyber security technologies. We perform cyber vulnerability and compliance scans. We help companies reduce their risk and unburden them from the care for cyber security so they can focus on their core business.

Our Vision

Every company, big or small, should be able to protect itself properly from cyber threat, yet most small and medium companies are not. Through the global networks all companies are connected in one way or another, therefore vulnerability of any company, branch or employee, is a vulnerability for all companies. Making knowledge and cost-effective solutions better accessible in the market will lead to overall higher cyber protection coverage and a cyber safe world.

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