D.Storm -  A Comsec Global DDoS simulation platform 

The number of DDoS oriented attacks is growing and is becoming the preferred method of attack, as companies become much more reliant on their digital platforms to conduct business. This means that, if successful, a DDoS attack has direct impact on company’s operations and financial performance.  

Down time to business-critical services cost money. Organisations spend significant amounts to mitigate the threat, but it often fails against real DDoS attack due to insufficient configuration. To become DDoS resilient, requires identification of the vulnerabilities and introduction of mitigation.  

The D.Storm platform provides a cost-efficient way to identify the weaknesses and verify effectiveness of the mitigation. It supports DDoS testing in high-scales and flexibility. 

  • Our legal botnet spread around the world consist of more than 20,000 simultaneous attacking machines per tenant.  

  • The number of maximum bots keeps growing over the time.  

  • All generic Volumetric, Infrastructure and Applicative DDoS attacks are supported  

  • Offering unique attack techniques and payloads as a result of long research and experience  

  • On-demand creation of custom attack types  

  • D.Storm supports the process of DDoS resilience posture improvement that contains the resilience history of the target 

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