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D.Storm, Comsec’s advanced DDoS Simulation Platform 

The D.Storm SaaS DDoS simulation platform fits most types of organizations that consume or deliver DDoS Simulation services.

D.Storm offers a broad range of DDoS attack types that can be conducted in an automated and controlled manner. The objective of D.Storm is to identify the weak points and vulnerabilities in the client’s infrastructure by stress testing it using a variety of attack methods. This approach allows the client to mitigate its cyber risk exposure and take corrective action to be able to withstand potential DDoS attacks against its sensitive and strategic assets.

D.Storm maximizes the ROI on DDoS mitigation

D.Storm simulates real DDoS attacks using clear and simple web interface, in a controlled manner.

  • Simulate real DDoS attacks

  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI

  • Run generic and custom-made attacks

  • Over 20,000 attack bots

  • Over 400 Gbps volumetric attack

  • Over 20 out-of-the-box attack types

  • In-depth real time reporting and logging capabilities

  • Safety Mechanisms

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The first six (6) months of 2020 displayed a significant increase in the volume of offensive cyber activities worldwide

  • Test and try the mitigation against popular attack types

  • Analyze the attack outcome from attackers perspective

  • Improve your DDoS resilience by testing it against real attack scenarios