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Advanced, Trusted, Professional Cyber Security Operation Center (SoC)

Now Small and Medium Business have proper security just as large companies have


SoC for the SMBs

CYREBRO a cost effective cyber security monitoring, detection and response solution for Small and Medium businesses.

Unique Monitoring and investigation solution, designed, operated and managed by experienced hackers and state level qualified defenders. 24/7 visibility with a team of international Cyber experts, constantly working for the end client and providing the only comprehensive means to manage the risk of cyber-attacks without dependency on any one specific technology.

The Goal

The goal is to provide small and medium businesses, a professional and cost-effective solution to monitor, investigate and control response of their networks.

Smart SoC

  • Hacker Point of View - The hacker point of view enables to provide the highest grade of professional cyber services

  • Incident Response - prepares organizations for  a professional response to any cyber threat

  • Seamless Integration 

  • Threat Intelligence - In-house intelligence team provides daily threat intelligence analysis integrated with the monitoring platform

  • Forensic Investigation -In-house forensic investigation team is responsible for all levels of advanced forensic investigation, from the host to the network level

  • Agnostic Technology - Manages more than 13 SIEM and log

  • SIEM Optimization - Optimizes our customers’ existing SIEM technologies to reduce false positives, ensure true viability and verify the highest level of utilization

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Peace-of-Mind - You have a trusted cyber security partner

  • Scalable - In pricing & growth  

  • 24x7 network monitoring, detection and response

  • Enabling clients to make real time decisions on security and

  • Identifying abnormal administrative activity on cloud services

  • Detecting malicious activity - On Email accounts & machines

  • Professional Service - At large enterprises level

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