MKB Cyber ​​delivers high-quality cyber security solutions, embedded in a complete service package. Our aim is to provide you with end-to-end answers to all your cyber security related questions. 

You have undoubtedly already taken several measures. We can offer tailor-made additions to this. We like to be a reliable partner for our customers. We continuously think along with our customers, relieving them from as much daily cyber security management as possible. 

Managed Security Services Provider

Because cyber threats can lead to damage at lightning speed, cyber security solutions require active, often intensive attention to prevent or limit potential damage in real time. 

For companies that chooses not to organize these services (entirely) in-house, we offer a complete monitoring and response service. 

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We are happy to help you map your “crown jewels” and gain insight into the cyber risks of your organization. We can use various tools for this; from digital foot printing to simulating cyber-attacks. 

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Awareness Training

No matter how good software solutions are, you should never trust them blindly or rely on them completely. Staff who are familiar with the dangers of cyber threats and can recognize them, is essential for a good cyber security strategy. In addition, it is important that your employees know how to handle physical access to sensitive information, sharing digital media, using the Internet, working safely from home or away from home, etc. 

We provide various forms of training, both physical and virtual, classroom or individual, informative or training-on-the-job (for example through phishing simulation campaigns).

Backup & Recovery

A Backup & Recovery strategy in itself is not part of cyber security. However, it is essential in the context of business continuity after certain types of cyber-attacks, such as ransomware. Many companies do not realize that not being able to quickly restore the IT environment after a cyber-attack often leads to serious consequences and, in some cases, even bankruptcy. 

We help you determine whether the current Backup & Recovery strategy is adequate in the context of your cyber security and can advise on this if required. 

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