Advanced Email Protection 


MSSP - Managed Seurity Service Provider

The most successful and dangerous of all cyber-attacks is phishing. Therefore, it is not surprising that according to research, 90% of all cyber-attacks start with a phishing email.
Research also shows that 50% of all cyber-attacks hit small and medium businesses. Malware, Ransomware, and Identity theft are some of the commonly known attacks.
Vulnerability becomes even higher when we use our mobile devices outside the organization or work from home

Most service providers deliver reasonable email protection; however, cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly advanced, and even more important, protection from malicious emails is not only a technical solution but also requires education and employee awareness to possible threats.

Large companies nowadays have security awareness programs to keep their employees updated and aware on a continuous basis. This is a good approach but requires substantial investments.

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For Email protection, Magic Stone partners with Ironscales and acts as an MSSP for clients who do not have the skills to do it themselves or would like to outsource to security managed services.
Ironscales is a leading Email protection solution that has several key advantages:

  • Easy implementation on any Microsoft Office environment and Gsuite

  • Mobile Protection

  • Advanced protection, using sophisticated AI and machine learning, security community crowd wisdom and leading open source resources Ironscales can detect a very high percentage of malicious or suspicious email

  • End-User interaction, Ironscales has a built-in awareness concept, it trains the end-user by placing warning banners in suspicious emails to help them recognize common attacks and remain alert to the ongoing threat (at the end no software stops 100% of suspicious email, users intelligence is always your last line of defense). Users are also able to report suspicious email to Ironscales with a click of a button

  • Management dashboard, reported emails can be managed in a friendly user interface, either by the customer or by a service provider, the interface provides also attack&defense statistics via dashboards and reports

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SoC - Security Operation Center 


We partner with CyberHat for SoC services.

SoC is the company's central security center, it monitors the organization's IT infrastructure, including its networks, devices, appliances, and information stores, wherever those are located.

CyberHat’s security solutions are designed, executed and operated by elite Israeli cyber security experts. Hackers, defenders and state level investigators with state and corporate level experience. We offers 24/7 visibility with a team of international Cyber experts, constantly working for the end client and providing comprehensive means to manage the risk of cyber-attacks without dependency on any one specific technology.

Key Services

  • Targeted Hacking Simulations 

  • Cyber Readiness & Assessment

  • Forensic investigation

  • 24/7 network monitoring, detection and response

  • Identity Protection

  • Coverage of Machines Outside the Domain 

  • Identifying malicious activity on the machine

  • Defending top Clients

Internet Security

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack will attempt to make an online service or website unavailable by flooding it with unwanted traffic from multiple computers.

DDoS attacks are one of the biggest cyber threat. Over 50% of organizations experienced an attack in last year, It is important for us that your websites always stay open for business; Whether you’re delivering online video, web content, application or IoT data, the experience must be fast, reliable and secure. 

Our team will check gaps and your readiness in order to keep your company's online activities online!

Our Internet Security includes:

  • AI-powered Application Security Testing

  • DDoS Simulation

  • Content Delivery Network(CDN) 

Specialized Advisory Services

We work hand in hand with a large network of partners that are specialized in infrastructure, system architecture, networks, cyber awareness, training & readiness. 

If you have a question or in need of advice, don't hesitate to ask us

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