What is Ransomware, what can you do

Ransomware (Ransom + Malware), malware software that hold your computer or servers hostage until ransom is paid off. Attackers might threaten to publish company's' sensitive data unless ransom is paid off. In the previous pages we discussed the different kind of Phishing scams and how to avoid downloading unwanted software. Ransomware should not be taken lightly, Ransomware can bring a business to close permanently. Hereunder key points

Ransomware Stats
  • Phishing emails bring 2/3 of ransomware cases

  • Globally ransomware attacks are every 40 seconds

  • Estimated global cost is $20 billion by 2021 ($11.6B in 2019)

  • Average payout in the States is $41,000

Actions to consider

Depending of the kind of attack, once maleware reaches company's servers, attackers can shut all access to company's servers and data (Example WannaCry), or threaten to leak sensitive information 

Actions to consider:

  • Do not panic!

  • Make sure that you have an updated crisis management/IT recovery plans. Follow procedures 

  • Check whether data can be retrieved 

  • Consider a skilled negotiator 

  • Check what kind of ransomware it is, sometimes you can circumvent the attack

  • Find out which strain of encrypting ransomware you're dealing with, there are online tools to identify the ransom (Nomoreransom)

  • Look for available decryption tools

Published Ransomware cases

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