Video Synopsis® technology is used in various sectors. BriefCam allows it's user to Respond in real time, Review hours of videos with in minutes and let marketeers to research customer behavior patterns to increase sales

Sectors We Serve
  • Retail

  • Stadiums & Events

  • Law Enforcement

  • Transportation

  • Smart Cities

  • Educational institutions 

Retail - Increase sales with intelligent video analytics

Improving shopping experience and increasing sales are the main goals of retailers. The value of analyzing in-store video surveillance is goes beyond security; Important quantifiable metadata such as men, women, children, speed, path & direction is gathered for analysis and give retailers an accurate picture of their visitors flow, head count, shop hotspots and gender analysis, enabling retailers to track trends over time to understand where improvements need to be made. Retailers can derive actionable insights, enabling data-driven safety, security, and operational decision making.

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Stadiums & Events - Optimize Flow & Ensure Guest Safety

BriefCam’s Video Content Analytics solutions enable you to strategically optimize traffic flows, prevent crime, better manage and prevent security events as well as improve visitor experiences, all by leveraging your existing video surveillance investments​.


Ensuring safety in public spaces requires more than mere video surveillance monitoring. All venues that hold mass events, from stadiums to convention centers, require real-time, actionable intelligence to proactively secure, productively manage and predictive respond to challenges ranging from security threats to operational inefficiencies.

Law Enforcement - Solve Crimes Faster

Video Synopsis allows to review & search hours of video footage in minutes. With the introduction of Video Content Analytics (VCA) technology, the value of video footage has become exponentially greater. The ability to efficiently and effectively review and analyze video is a gamechanger for law enforcement and private security agencies​.

Transportation - Optimize Traffic Flow & Passengers Safety

Video Content Analytics plays a crucial role in improving operations and guest experience, preventing security events and improving post-event investigations in the transportation industry. Track objects across cameras, monitor and manage passenger and traffic flow, control restricted areas, and implement watchlists with BriefCam’s powerful Video Content Analytics platform. Reduce risk, optimize staff performance, enhance passenger satisfaction and more.​

Smart Cities - Facilitate Urban Planning for Community Safety & Economic Growth

Cities, together with their law enforcement agencies, all face the same difficult challenge of protecting their residents, supporting local business, and developing strategies to decrease crime while driving economic growth, attracting new businesses and spurring tourism. BriefCam’s Video Content Analytics capabilities enable both private and public sectors to deliver safe, secure and sustainable cities by reducing the crime rate, optimizing pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow, monitoring these trends over time, and enabling proactive response with real-time alerting.

Major cities around the globe are looking at ways that technology can impact our way of life in urban areas. From city planning and transportation to safety and security organizations, cities are preparing for the tech-enabled future – and leveraging existing investments in a whole new way. Taking advantage of the video surveillance systems deployed throughout these metropolitan areas, Smart Cities are unlocking the treasure trove of value in their video systems.

Educational Institutes - Operational & Security Efficiency on Campus

Safety is a core concern of every campus, but with Video Content Analytics solutions, educational institutions can harness video intelligence for driving operational efficiency beyond security. BriefCam’s video analytics technology enables campuses of all sizes to leverage their video data to understand and analyze on-site incidents and behavioral patterns. By unlocking the power of video, educational institutions can optimize emergency response, post-event investigation and business performance across campus.​

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