The World’s First SASE Platform
Converges SD-WAN and Security into the Cloud

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Cato Networks provides the world’s first converged SD-WAN and network security cloud service built for the digital business. Cato connects all datacenters, branches, mobile users, and cloud resources into a secure, global network uniquely powered by the scalability, self-service, and agility of the cloud. Cato empowers you to connect, secure, and run the network yourself, and supports you with expert managed services, whenever you need them.  


Aligned with the principles set by Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework, Cato’s global, cloud-native, and software-defined architecture enables you to optimize the user experience, protect users against emerging threats, and embrace new business opportunities – everywhere. With Cato, your network, and your business, are ready for whatever’s next. 


Cato SASE Cloud runs on a private global backbone of 60+ PoPs interconnected with redundant Tier-1 providers that commit to SLAs around long-haul latency, jitter, and packet loss. This design offers an immediate improvement in network quality over the unpredictable Public internet, and a significant cost reduction over MPLS. The PoPs software continuously monitors the providers for latency, packet loss, and jitter to determine, in real-time, the best route for every packet.


Cato’s backbone design delivers end-to-end route optimization for WAN and cloud traffic, and a self-healing architecture for maximum service uptime. Our customers experience connectivity that is superior to the unpredictable public Internet and more affordable than global MPLS  and other legacy backbones.

  • Reduce MPLS connectivity costs with Cato’s end-to-end network optimization. The #1 MPLS Alternative

  • Improve performance between global locations by using Cato’s affordable global private backbone instead of the unpredictable Internet or costly global MPLS

  • Provide direct, secure internet access to all branch locations and mobile users with Cato’s built-in security as a service and without deploying security point solutions

  • Accelerates and controls cloud access with Cato’s agentless cloud integration and the global private backbone for any user or location globally without using premium cloud connectivity solutions like AWS DirectConnect and Microsoft ExpressRoute

  • Optimize and secure mobile access with Cato’s SDP solution, using client-based or clientless access options to physical and cloud data centers, and cloud applications.


Protection Across Your Enterprise

Cyber-threats can emerge anywhere – in your cloud or on SaaS, via email or on IoT devices on your network.

The Enterprise Immune System shines a light into all these environments, including Salesforce, Office 365 & SharePoint, AWS and Microsoft Azure. This means that organizations benefit from a unified view of their entire digital estate – not just part of it – and can tackle emerging threats quickly.

The Enterprise Immune System

The Enterprise Immune System is a self-learning cyber AI technology that detects novel attacks and insider threats at an early stage.

Enterprises that require a cybersecurity solution for IT, OT, and physical environments will find Darktrace an effective tool for real-time advanced threat detection.

Key Benefits

  • Self-learning detection - Learns ‘on the job’ and adapts continuously

  • 100% visibility - Protects cloud, SaaS, email, OT and on-prem

  • Automated analysis - AI Analyst generates threat reports in seconds

  • Fast install - No manual configuration