Stronger cyber security defense at lower costs

MKB Cyber ​​delivers high-quality cyber security solutions, embedded in a complete service package. Our aim is to provide you with end-to-end answers to all your cyber security related questions. 

You have undoubtedly already taken several measures. We can offer tailor-made additions to this. We like to be a reliable partner for our customers.  We continuously think along with our customers, relieving them from as much daily cyber security management as possible. 

SoC - As Service

24/7/365 Security Operation Centre

Only a central cyber brain with sophisticated cross-function detection of suspicious activity can identify exploitation of systems and processes across an organization. Only a centralized view of all cybersecurity events can provide prioritized clarity to always know what’s important and what to do about it.

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All you need, and more in one centralized platform



Contextual visibility within and across all systems to accurately identify the earliest signs of suspicious activity in real-time



Real-time tier 1-4 analyst response and mitigation ensures the highest protection with minimal impact on business continuity



Continuous Indication of Compromise (IOC) based on granular contextual information and data mining tools provides highly accurate proactive alerts



Proactively searching for cyber threats that are lurking undetected across all types of networks. Thoroughly searching to find malicious actors in your environment that have slipped past your initial security defenses, identifying, assessing and improving detection capabilities



Continuous development & learning of rules optimization,

IOC updates, and new detection technologies maximize cybersecurity investments



Ongoing investigation of suspected malicious activity and cyber threats including post-mortem analysis of verified incidents