Internet Security

Make sure your website is compliant and stays open for business

Our online presence is growing as time goes by. It is important to have our websites secure and compliant that private information does not leak and that users have access and services are not disrupted. Companies must check their digital footprint and their suppliers digital activities to avoid gaps in security that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Internet FootPrint & 3rd Party Assessment


Third party and risk management. An Open-source intelligence (OSINT) system that does not require any setup or configuration. Given a single domain name the system automatically discovers all footprint allowing no set up and providing immediate value. Our digital ecosystem keeps on changing, cloud-based technologies, SaaS services, suppliers, vendors and outsourcing become a cyber threat to any organization. Rescana is an automated continuous monitoring and to measure the security performance of your organization’s and 3rd party suppliers. We check your company’s compliancy, risk assessment of your company’s internet & cloud footprint and of your suppliers

  • To gain visibility into 3rd party risks - Avoid a breach through your contractors system

  • Partner on-boarding process

  • Ongoing Partner Risk Management 

  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment - Make sure your organization is compliant (GDPR)

  • Cyber Risks Self Assessment of Internet Footprint 

D. Storm - organization’s resilience to DDoS threat in controlled manner


We know that your online presence is critical, any downtime may lead to substantial losses. With D.Storm organizations can perform by themselves a DDoS resilience testing using user friendly web interface.


D.Storm is an automated platform to test and validate your organization’s resilience to DDoS threat in controlled manner, The platform simulates real DDoS attack using clear and simple web interface.

  • Test and try the mitigation against popular attack types

  • Analyze the attack outcome from attackers perspective

  • Improve your DDoS resilience by testing it against real attack scenarios

  • more than 20,000 simultaneous attacking machines per tenant, The number of maximum bots is keep growing over the time

  • All generic Volumetric, Infrastructure and Applicative DDoS attacks are supported

  • On-demand creation of custom attack types

  • Safety mechanisms in place 

Content Delivery Network (CDN)


Making sure your websites always stay open for business. Whether you’re delivering online video, web content, application or IoT data, the experience must be fast, reliable and secure. Limelight’s edge cloud platform provides a unique combination of global private infrastructure, intelligent software, and expert support services

Limelight Networks is a premier content delivery network (CDN) service provider that enables organizations to deliver faster websites, more responsive applications, the highest quality video, and consistent game and software downloads to any device

  • Fast, Reliable and Secure Private Global Network - Limelight has one of the world’s largest, private global networks, enabling you to bypass internet congestion and avoid many security potholes. Optimized for the highest performance with almost zero latency

  • Software Stack Optimized For Performance - Unlike other providers, Limelight has developed and optimized its own software stack to deliver industry-leading performance over any connection type with a fully-integrated suite of software services. Features include: Global WAF and DDoS protection on a 100% TLS/SSL-enabled network for secure delivery without sacrificing performance

  • Free Access to World Class Service - Free, unrestricted access to live technical support, A 24/7/365 global Network Operations Center, Responsive service and support teams with proven experience helping customers successfully deliver some of the internet’s largest events

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