A Self-Learning Email Security Platform To Stop Phishing Emails That Landed in Your Mailbox

As we already mentioned service providers deliver reasonable email protection; However, cyber attacks are evolving rapidly. In large enterprises, where email security gateways are installed, sophisticated email attacks still happen. Business leader understand that it is imperative that employees undergo awareness training to minimize risks.

Mailbox Level - Employees, the last line of Defense 

Employees are the last line of defense before malicious emails expose the organization to substantial damages. Ironscales is self-learning email security platform, designed to quickly detect malicious emails slipping through traditional anti-phishing defenses, responding to them automatically in seconds and blocking them for good. Located at the mailbox level. It helps employees make crucial decisions as 25% of attacks get past existing defenses.

Quick Respond - 82 Seconds Average

Time is a key factor, 67% of organizations take 6-20 minutes or longer to identify and remove a single phishing email. For both security teams and their end users, we offer a single platform with push-button protection, giving you simplicity and speed for accelerated visibility and control that works from the inside out to protect you from any and all types of phishing attacks.

Ironscales - Unique Features

  • Security at the Inbox - Warning banner grabs employees attention with push-button protection for quick remediation buy the security team. When multiple users receive the same email they are alerted; When Email is know to be malicious it will be deleted from all address at once 

  • Mobile Email Protection - When working from home or on the road users are vulnerable. links can be pressed by hovering. When using the O365 OWA users stay protected

  • Intelligent Automation - Truly automated incident response saves analysis and remediation time and increases accuracy

  • Global Collaboration - Cyber analysis knowledge of an attack is shared across the global analyst network and saves crucial time

  • Phishing Simulation Training - Train employees with different scenarios to increase awareness and avoid the next cyber attack

  • Advanced Threat Protection - Malware and URL protection, BEC (Business Email Compromise)

  • Phishing Emulator - Now you have the ability to emulate recent, real-world phishing attacks to discover weak points and vulnerabilities within your existing email security infrastructure, based on current threats.

Installation O365/Gsuite

  • 5 minutes Deployment - No risk, no downtime.No configuration needed. Start seeing the value right away

  • Native API integration - No changing of MX record

Phishing Emulator

1. Setup In Minutes 2. Get A FREE Scan 3. See The Results

To fight modern phishing attacks, you must continuously test your security perimeter for weaknesses and find out how long you are exposed to each threat.

Breach and Attack Simulators Are Too Dated Organizations must continuously test their security perimeter for new vulnerabilities. After all, new phishing attacks are being launched every second. But Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) alone cannot keep up with the flood of ever-changing attacks. And Breach and Attack Simulators (BAS) tools are built to apply mostly fictitious and always outdated phishing scenarios. By the time known attacks are incorporated into BAS tools, attackers have moved on – which means you're left to play catch-up. Given these limitations, we recognize that security teams need more “live fire” situations to accurately and realistically test their email defenses.


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