Specter X –  Data loss prevention  

Businesses are sharing information and sensitive data with 3rd parties, outside their network. Once sensitive data has left the organization, however, businesses do not know where the information is, or who has seen it. 

Data is arguably the most important aspect of your business. It can transform your business, drive your innovation, and improve your competitive edge.


SpecterX allows you to decide how to manage your organizational data; maximize your control over your data in a seamless, secure, and productive manner. Collaborate with external entities without giving away data ownership — Your data, your rules.  

SpecterX continuously manages and protects data at its core level, allowing data to be used in a seamless, secure and compliant manner anywhere in the new digital space, supporting security and IT teams. 

SpecterX manages and controls the entire organizational data from a single place, no matter where it’s stored. It enables businesses: 

  • Visibility – Businesses can follow any document cross applications 

  • Secure collaboration  

  • Full data control – Security, privacy and compliance 

  • Extended control – Change or revoke document rights 


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