MKB Cyber ​​provides solutions for the complex cyber threats of today and tomorrow.   

MKB Cyber ​​supplies high-quality cyber security solutions. Cyber ​​security solutions evolve rapidly and we strive to select technologies that are ahead of the learning curve, to deliver the most effective security.  

 When creating our product portfolio, we also explicitly look at scalability: we want to work with suppliers who can make license volumes and pricing workable and attractive for SMEs.   

For the top cyber threats to SMEs, we have the following solutions. These can be purchased separately or as a package: 

  1. Phishing emails 

  2. Downloads of infected documents from external (Internet) sources 

  3. Data loss 

  4. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) 


Protection against phishing with IronScales 

IronScales is a so-called next generation email security software, based on artificial intelligence. This solution offers you: 

  • Protection of e-mail on computer, tablet and mobile phone 

  • Protection is based on machine learning, expert community wisdom, Open source resources, not to mention end-user power 

  • Clear warning messages in the email header to alert the end user of potential danger and prompt action 

  • An integrated report button that allows the end user to report suspicious e-mail 

  • A management platform with which suspicious and registered emails can be assessed and handled by our / a security analyst  

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Protection against infected files with DeceptiveBytes 

DeceptiveBytes offers unique protection against viruses and malware for the workplace (endpoint protection): 

  • DeceptiveBytes recognizes virus and malware behavior instead of patterns. This enables DeceptiveBytes to recognize and disable viruses that are still unknown at that time. 

  • Once recognized, the attacker is actively tricked into being unable to learn anything about the environment. It will then be quarantined. 

  • In combination with Windows Defender you do not need any other antivirus or malware software 

  • Moreover, DeceptiveBytes has only minimal impact on the performance of your devices        

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Data loss protection with SpecterX 

Every organization has valuable and often sensitive information that must be protected. You are also expected to comply with various regulations regarding the careful handling of privacy-sensitive information, for example information from customers and employees.  The challenge is that documents leave the organization when, for example, they are shared with other parties.  SpecterX has an ingenious way of: 

  • To be able to see when a version of a document has left the organization 

  • To be able to track when these documents were opened and by whom 

  • To be able to manage (read, change) and revoke the rights of these documents, regardless of where they are or on which platform (OneDrive, Google docs, email attachment, etc.). 

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DDoS unavailability protection with D.Storm 

Availability of your website can be of great importance for the continuity of business operations. 

D.Storm offers: 

  • a user-friendly interface 

  • With which you can perform automated DDoS resistance tests 

  • Analyze the results to understand how resilience can be improved 

  • Many ready-made DDoS attack scenarios 

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