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Email Security

Let us help in making ''work from home'' a safer working environment

Only when working together can we beat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home exposes companies to new threats, we decided to do something about it!

Magic Stone Cyber Security offers for any business 60 days of free email security no strings attached 

  • Protect against COVID-19 related phishing emails and fake login pages

  • Advanced Protection Against Business Email Compromise (BEC)

  • Advanced Malware and URL/Link Protection

  • ​Warning Banners

  • Phishing reporting button

  • Quick deployment within 5 minutes using Office 365 API integration

  • Virtual AI-powered security assistant


The Role of video analytics in the global health crisis

Protecting the public and supporting prevention of pandemic  diseases has become a pivotal matter. Video analytics has always been a critical component in enabling security and ensuring public safety, Today, the role of intelligent video analytics has never been more critical in protecting the public and stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

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