Awareness Center

Why is it important? It can save you or your company from devastating financial losses

We have created the Awareness Center to help the Small & Medium businesses know more about cyber threats.

In the following pages we describe different threats and how to tackle them. Do you have a question? Drop us a message via email or contact forms. 

Large companies nowadays have security awareness programs to keep their employees updated and aware on a continuous basis. This is a good approach but requires substantial investments.

The latest news in the world of cyber trends, threats and the latest attacks, brought by the powerful engine of IT Consulting AG 

The main problems Small & Medium Business face ?

  • Awareness - Regarding the cyber threats & cyber related rules (Example GDPR)

  • Costs - Cyber awareness programs are costly

  • Cyber Products - Most Cyber products require minimum amount of users

  • Service Providers - SMB's are heavily reliant on their service provider and are under the assumption that they are secure

Awareness center topics

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