MKB Cyber is a unique combination of Dutch presence, paired with extensive Israeli experience in the cyber security industry. We are focused on cutting-edge, advanced cyber security technologies with the ability to deliver tailor-made services within a short period of time for each client. We continuously research new threats and vulnerabilities that small and medium-sized businesses encounter, so we can find the best technologies and services to overcome them. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make cutting-edge technologies accessible to the small and medium-sized market with professional services. Our products are simple to implement, understandable and clear to our clients and allow businesses to grow while working in a secure environment. We help raise businesses awareness and prepare companies for today’s and tomorrow’s threats. 

We follow four steps to help preparing businesses to be secure and compliant  

  • Prevention   

  • Detection  

  • Response 

  • Recovery  

Raviv Oz - Founder & Partner

Guy Kahana -CTO & Partner 

T: +31-20 823 1100

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