Cyber Security for all size companies anywhere

MKB Cyber is focused on Finding practical solutions for the Small and Medium Enterprises. We developed a unique cyber security concept, helping small & medium size companies with first line of defense cyber security services at a cost-effective price

Raviv Oz - Founder & Partner

Guy Kahana -Co-Founder & Partner 

Who We Are

MKB cyber is a part of Magic Stone Cyber Security B.V., a team of Israeli cyber experts located in the Netherlands and adapted to local regulations & markets.
The company is founded in 2019 to address key challenges in cyber security and gaps on local markets.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring cyber security knowledge, services and solutions to all organizations anywhere, and to have them accessible and affordable. 


Every organization, big or small, should be able to protect itself properly from cyber threats!

Our Mission

Our mission is to have cutting edge technologies accessible to the SMB market as they are to large corporations. Professional cyber-security solutions that enable practical and active defense, simple to implement and to understand, allowing businesses to grow while keeping a secure working environment.


We help companies reduce their risk and unburden them from the care for cyber security so they can focus on their core business. Magic Stone Cyber Security has access to most Israeli cyber technologies and stands at the forefront against cyber attacks

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